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AD account, take 2:

I couldn't keep using since it was a few months behind on updates. So I'm moving my naughty stuff to @Trev instead. See you there~

@squ1rrel which water mod is that? it's gorgeous

"But Trev, one of your followers said something awful and I saw you not rebuke them. Your silence says something about you"

Let's amend that

You didn't -see- me rebuke them

As personal policy I advocate "praise in public, punish in private"

I reserve callouts for authority figures who are leading their organizations astray and need to be held accountable

I try to talk to my peers one-on-one

There's also the possibility that I just didn't see it or think it's something for their therapist

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Things are hard for me right now but I'm gonna throw a party one of these weekends like Carnival for no reason at all

I mean I guess it is technically my birthday in a couple weekends

but hell why not anyway

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@squ1rrel not to my part though

is desert

hot and sandy and scorpions ☀ 🌵 🦂

that's not a very good sales pitch :v

mb u come over here

tired: oh no we're both bottoms
wired: oh no we're both tsundere

@srn @KitRedgrave have no shame, surinna

you're clearly right because you agreed with me :^)

@KitRedgrave princess, subtype "spoiled", supertype "drawn with a very fine camel hair brush"

Well @KitRedgrave may have taken spoiled princess out of her bio but let me tell you that doesn't make it any less true

@deadsuperhero @KitRedgrave if we just put more money into Public Toothbrush infrastructure, we wouldn't have this problem.

@deadsuperhero @KitRedgrave I better see one of you using that toothbrush or it's getting appropriated

*brushes teeth with broom*

@jk I thought this was Filthy Frank from the thumbnail

"May the shadow of the moon fall on a world at peace."

-- ABC News' Frank Reynolds, after the eclipse, in 1979

Yeah, sorry about that, Frank. Some of us are workin' on it.

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