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@Sylvhem I'm using a fork of Firefox 52.3.0 ESR that is on Windows, it works there (but that's not the same browser as yours, most likely)

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@resir014 I just call a settimeout and forget to specify a time limit as to when my function to respond to people who say that will execute


...And if it somehow still executes I make sure it's relying upon parsing the truthiness of something that doesn't exist :V

@KitRedgrave The paradoxical power of smartness is that it allows you to make stupid decisions faster than stupid people.

@shel @KitRedgrave Now just mention Doug, Reboot and that Hidden Temple Nickelodeon show for maximum memeage

@linux I'll be honest. The W3C are also the same people who signed off on that whole XHTML debacle that was a dead end, waffled in the face of Internet Explorer 5/6 destroying web markup for almost 5 years, and basically sat there rubber stamping nonsense that people never implemented on and off for their whole existence. Can't say I would have expected them to be useful in the whole DRM debate either.

@ticky I already have all of them in my closet sealed in an airtight box so they can last the ages, in their yellowed pages and CGI cover glory

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"you can turn into a dragon"

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@jk Soundblaster Audigy 2 has a full break-out cable you can ostensibly use to plug into a subwoofer, but of course it doesn't also power said subwoofer, only send the audio data to it

Gotta love how all the repositories and such for the lua and neural network things that use CUDA give instructions to compile on Windows that don't work and even have misspelled error messages to help inform you that, "Yes, you must be rich enough to buy two computers if you wish to use GPUs for both gaming and research computing, because screw you if you want to do both in one machine."

@masklayer It's like I'm reading something posted by myself 10 years ago when I, too, was forced to spend time with grandparents who A. didn't really care much about me and B. actually didn't care for me being there and C. was being forced to be there by my father and D. when all was said and done and my grandparents were gone, didn't really leave much of an impact on my life.

Ultimately I learned to just say no, regardless of the consequences... and I never regretted it.

@Nine As someone who has played a ton of Sonic games, I can say Sonic 1 doesn't really feel so much like a Sonic game and more like the cheap platformers before it.

I don't think it was fully baked yet. As such, I rarely replay it. I started with Sonic 2 and so when I finally did play Sonic 1, my reaction was "What? No, this isn't a good game at all, it looks and sounds nice but it plays horribly!" Especially with all of those slow waiting segments that don't feel like they belong.

@jk @lucidiot Put a Game Boy light on it, it should be visible again

@jk Logically speaking, need a specially designed motherboard with a nonconductive but thermally conductive substance connected to the pins that can then expose that to a backplate that a heatsink could attach to

(Yes I know you were doing this for a joke but my engineery mind wants to figure out how to actually accomplish it without the wire-related issues)

...Oh, another absurd means--extend the pins through the CPU out the back and create a special heatsink XP